Klassiek beeld in Kunsthars (résine) A. Santini

Prijssuggestie: 50,00

Het beeld is gemaakt door A. Santini (sticker is nog leesbaar) en is 42cm hoog, in perfecte staat. Het is gemaakt in Italië.

Het is een reproductie van een klassiek marmeren beeld. Het materiaal is vaak een mengeling van hars, albast en marmer (maar de samenstelling van dit specifiek beeld is mij onbekend)




Amilcare Santini was born in 1910 near the city of Florence in Tuscany. At the age of twelve he became an appretence to the sculptor Colombini who became a major influence in his career. He spent most of his time learning his craft in his workshop – at that time he worked with clay that he took from the local river, back to his studio, where the material would sit for four weeks until the water rose to the surface and the material settled on the bottom – he then could use it for molding his statues into beautiful art objects. He prepared the pieces by hand using only simple tools such as wooden sticks. Ninety percent of the work was done by hand.

He then traveled to Florence and attended the university where he was instrumental in developing the process of combining marble, alabaster and resin. This material is then poured into molds made by Santini – after it hardens sitting at room temperature – the figure is taken out and completely finished by hand in the very old artistic Italian tradition and style that the great masters of marble handed down through the ages. The marble and alabaster are found in the quarries near Volterra.

Amilcare Santini passed away in 1975 and now his son Nedo and grandson Alberto Santini are the third generation of the Santini family carrying on the tradition of producing these beautiful “objects d’ art”. There are now four renowned sculptors that are active in the company. Enio Furesi specializes in classical and religious figurines, Isabella Di Fabio specializes in handpainted figurines and animals, Marcello Salvestrini specializes in Art Deco and nude figures and Andreas Kostner specializes in creche and holy images. The artists, along with the original works of Santini, are carrying on the tradition of the Santini name that is known for quality, beauty and craftsmanship over the last eighty years.

A. Santini sculptures represent some of the most prestigious museum quality lines of sculptures in the world. In fact, nothing comes closer to an original hand carved marble sculpture than these A. Santini replicas from Italy.