Koffieservies in Pools porselein uit Chodziez

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Porseleinen koffieservies met een koffiekan (23cm), melkkan (9cm) en suikerpot (11cm). Er zijn ook 18 bordjes (14cm Ø) en 10 kopjes (bij 1 is het oor af). Het servies is dus niet volledig maar is wel in goede staat.

Het porselein werd gemaakt in de Chodziez fabriek in Polen. Met bodemstempel

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Wat geschiedenis over de porselein productie in Chodziez :

History of the Chodziez faience factory starts in 1852 or 1854 when Hermann Müller and Ludwik Schnorr bought a burnt building of the Grudzinski castle from count Koenigsmarck. The castle building is still in possession of the company.

Steingutfabrik Hermann Müller u. Ludwik Schnorr produced faience items. Faience production was continued after the factory was overtaken in 1879 by a merchant named Ehrenwerth. Already in 1879 he failed and the factory went to o local credit union. In 1883 a new investor appeared – Hermann Heim. Until 1888 the factory operated as H.M. & Co., Schloß Chodziesen.

A real breakthrough happened in 1896 when porcelain production started. A year earlier in 1895 a faience factory from Annaberg strarted its reign here. Annaburger Steingutfabrik AG Annaburg, Abt. Kolmar continued production until 1921 when Polish goldsmith Stanisław Mańczak bought it. In the second half of 1930s the factory was owned by Czesław Szrama and Wincenty Kapczyński.

WWII made the Chodziez factory to work under German state ownership as Porzellan- und Steingutfabriken in Kolmar, Abteilung B. Germans unified porcelain and faience facilities. In 1945 – 1950 period Polish authorities named it Porcelit, Fabryka Porcelitu. Two establishments appeared in 1950, when faience and porcelain factory were separated. In 1991 semi vitreous porcelain branch stopped production. After 1992 the factory operates again under private ownership as Zakłady Porcelany i Porcelitu Chodzież S.A.